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7 Soup Meals for Cold Weather

What to eat when the temperature drops? A bowlful of healthy, wholesome soup does the body good. Here are my favorites, loaded the way I like with nutrient-dense superfoods that will boost the energy shield of our immune systems keeping wintertime colds and viruses at bay.

Flu Beware: 8 Strategies for Prevention

The flu is on my mind. Half of the children in my daughter’s first grade class were out sick with the flu this week. So I’m in full combat mode, triggering every antiviral defense strategy I know. I've Increased focus on getting a good dose of powerful antiviral superfoods every day. Happy to say we did not succumb to the flu.

Favorite Chili Roundup

I love the versatility of chili - turkey, bison, beef or vegan, beans or no beans, onions and tomatoes or lots of veggies. It's a one-pot meal just about everyone likes. Here are my favorite recipes.

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Thanksgiving for Four

How to make a Thanksgiving meal for two, or for a family of four without massive amounts of food that cannot be eaten? This menu brings together a lovely celebration of fall harvest and traditional dishes in measured way: turkey, cornbread and sausage stuffing, butternut squash, and cranberries. Half a turkey breast is enough for two with leftovers, because after all one of the favorite parts of Thanksgiving, is enjoying delicious once-a-year turkey for a day or two afterwards. For four – six people, a full turkey breast is plentiful.

Halloween Dinner Party

The "witches" twice-baked potatoes give this fall dinner a Halloween twist. Served with Roasted Pork Tenderloin and a lovely, delicious colorful medley of roasted vegetables and a spinach, pear and pumpkin seed salad, it's one of my favorite fall menus. The kdis make their own chocolate "spider" cookies for dessert.

Halloween Themed Pizza Party

Homemade pizza dough is simple and fun to make, the kids love to roll and mush the dough. For sanity’s sake, the dough can be made and rolled out ahead of time. Here's some Halloween fun with a "ghost" cheese pizza and a "pumpkin" pepperoni pizza. Round out the fun with Pumpkin Hummus and veggies sticks to start, and whole-wheat sugar "pumpkins" planted in Oreo "dirt".

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