Pea, Pistachio and Cilantro Hummus

I found this recipe on Pinterest and it’s become one of my favorites. Thank you, Peas and Crayons!

When I don’t have pistachios, I use walnuts or almonds. I serve it for dinner guests with carrot and celery sticks, and either fresh pita wedges, pita chips or crispy whole-grain or seed crackers.

The leftovers go in a mason jar that gets used throughout the week on toast for breakfast or a snack, or in a wrap with greens and a tablespoon or two of sunflower seeds. It also makes a delicious sandwich spread instead of mayonnaise.

Health Benefits of Cilantro

  • Cilantro is most often cited as being effective for toxic metal cleansing.The chemical compounds in cilantro bind to toxic metals and loosen them from the tissue.
  • May be able to help prevent cardiovascular damage. [2]
  • The School of Life Science in Tamil Nadu, India noted, after researching the activity of cilantro leaves and stem, “if used in cuisine would be a remedy for diabetes.” [3]
  • Strong antioxidant activity. [4]
  • Has been shown to have anti-anxiety effects. [5]
  • May help improve sleep quality. [6]
  • Has been examined and described to have a blood-sugar lowering effect. [7]