Celebrating 57 and Getting Personal

Here I am 3 years in, but I’ve only now realized functional nutrition has also become MY wellness journey. I began my FNTP training with urgency to help my dad with Parkinson’s. The mental decline began to reverse. Then suddenly he gone. What helped me through grief was knowing I had to complete my FNTP certification to help others protect their brain health.

4 Ways to Detox

Did you know your body has a continuous internal cleansing process? This natural detoxification process is how your body repairs and heals itself. When it is overloaded, its ability to detoxify gets sluggish causing fluid retention, bloating, and can lead to getting sick. Here are four ways to help your body detoxify.

4 Beautiful, Nutrient Dense Holiday Rice Recipes

Here are some of my all-time favorite “special times” rice recipes. They are so beautiful and scrumptious – perfect for a Thanksgiving, Christmas table or special celebration. And loaded with amazing nutrients for brain health and wellbeing. Imagine that -- delicious and nutritious even for the holidays!

7 Key Nutrition Tips for Brain Health during the Holidays

Holiday season is in full swing! A time of celebration and indulgence. How to prioritize brain health too? Practice these key nutrition tips during this festive time and beyond. Stay hydrated, include omega-3 fatty acids, colorful antioxidant foods, B vitamins, mindful eating, minimize processed foods, and move.

Prep Your Kitchen to Support your Brain Health this Holiday Season

Prepping your kitchen is an essential step towards supporting a nutrient-rich lifestyle. Clean out and organize, stock up on fresh and frozen produce, healthy fats and proteins, beans and whole grains to set yourself up for success in nourishing your body.

4 Anytime Dips and Spreads

These beautiful, delicious, nutritious dips are rich in brain essential nutrients: minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals and fiber oh my! Make a weekly batch through the holiday season to use as an appetizer or side dish for holiday meals, for an easy nourishing lunch or yummy, healthy snack .

Are You Digesting Your Food? 4 Tips to Improve Your Digestion

Improving digestion is a vital for good health. By eating mindfully, incorporating fiber-rich foods, chewing thoroughly, and managing stress you can support your digestive system and enhance your overall well-being.

Eat Your Water

Did you know that water is the most common nutrient deficiency in the U.S. population? Dehydration shows up as fatigue, foggy thinking headaches, constipation, and mood imbalances. Protecting yourself from chronic dehydration is not just about getting adequate water intake, but about how well your body absorbs water.

3 Food Tips for Better Brain Health

Your food choices can protect your brain health. Choose good fats from nature, swap refined carbs with carbs from plants and minimize sugar and refined grains. You will give your brain the essential nutrients it needs, AND you will lower inflammation that is linked to poor mental health and cognitive decline.