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Through my brilliant, charismatic father’s anguishing Parkinson’s downward spiral, I read far and wide, dug deep into the power of nutrient-dense real food for brain health and overall wellness. This led me to become Certified as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association . I want to help others from a heartbreaking journey of brain disease and mental illness. With a background in corporate marketing and pro-bono, non-profit work I understand stress and the multiple hats women wear. In mid-life all that juggling catches up.

Functional Nutritional Therapy is a new name for a timeless concept. Humans have used nutrition for millennia to maintain health and vitality. We lost that connection with the industrialization of food.  Nutritional Therapy combines ancestral wisdom and modern science to reverse negative effects of the modern diet. It can help improve nutritional imbalances and deficiencies, reduce inflammation, improve energy and so much more.

Now more than ever you need to assist your body. Think of it as your sacred space, a living altar. Consistently care for it and revere it every single day.

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Now more than ever you need to assist your body. Think of it as your sacred space…

Restart logo-Real Food. Real Learning. Real Support.I’m also RESTART® Instructor because it’s so effective in helping others begin their own health journey.  Do you struggle with low energy, excess weight, blood sugar imbalance, brain fog, or just know you don’t feel right? Then this is for you. It combines nutritional education with a 3-week sugar detox and group support.

I LOVE to cook. To feed people colorful, delicious, nutritious food. To share recipes and tips to save you time making homemade real food. My love affair with tasty food, cooking and feeding people is rooted in childhood. Born and raised in the sunshine valley of Cochabamba, Bolivia, fresh homemade meals were every day fare. As I child I learned the passion of transforming ingredients into enticing meals from my amazing Austrian mother. I KNOW we can eat for pleasure and eat for life.

Lifestyle not genes is the chief determinant of how long we live.

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Lifestyle not genes is the chief determinant of how long we live.…

I would like very much to work with you to connect to the innate wisdom of your own body and use real food to improve your health.


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