Fish makes a delicious meal,  is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, minerals, is especially rich in omega-3 fatty acids beneficial to the brain and heart.

But it’s become important to know where fish comes from because:

  • Fish (both wild and farmed) are increasingly contaminated by mercury and other man-made chemical pollutants
  • Overfishing is depleting the oceans of sea life

We can protect fish by making good decisions when purchasing seafood. I’ve learned we can increase demand for  fish that’s been caught or farmed in environmentally responsible ways simply by asking “Do you serve sustainable seafood?”

Let’s tell grocery stores and restaurants that ocean-friendly seafood’s is important to us. They can impact conservation of ocean resources. We can make a difference each time we buy (or order on a menu) fish by asking them to support sustainable seafood!

Buying healthy, sustainable fish

  1. When possible, I buy from providers such as Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods that have vetted their fish.
  2. Use seafood guides that identify fish safe to eat (tested for mercury and chemicals) and based on environmental (sustainable) standards. Monterrey Bay Aquarium offers a Seafoodwatch app you can download to your phone. Or you can print the Certified Sustainable Seafood guide from the Marine Stewardship Council.
  3. Send a message to Congress to support healthier and more sustainable fish.

For more information about helping a healthy ocean visit

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