The salmon can be grilled or baked, but either way, it explodes with the flavors or sun-ripe tomatoes, kalamata olives and fresh basil. A light Raspberry Cake brings this flavorful meal to a delightful conclusion.

Hummus/bean dips are a simple and delicious way to start off a dinner party. Complement it with a variety of color vegetable sticks (carrot, celery, bell peppers).

The colors of the Salmon with Tomato Olive Salsa, and the Arugula Green Bean Salad are a visual feast excelled by the flavors of the food.

Preparation Guide

Two or three days before

  • Buy groceries
  • Review all serving dishes
  • Decide on linens (tablecloth, napkins etc)
  • Decide/prepare centerpiece (i.e. flowers)

Day before

  • Make the Cilantro, Pea Hummus. Place on a serving dish, cover with saran wrap and store in refrigerator
  • Make the Raspberry Buttermilk Torte
  • Cook 3 hard-boiled eggs (if using) for Arugula Green Bean Salad
  • Prep Tomato Salsa by chopping olives and storing in a closed container, chop onion and mince garlic, store in closed container
  • Make salad dressing for Arugula, Green Bean Salad
  • Cut up carrot and celery sticks, place in covered container in refrigerator
  • Wash and put away all dishes

Day of

  • Set up drink station, set up buffet table with platters and serving utensils; plates and flatware; set up dessert area with cake, plates and forks
  • Wash, trim and steam the green beans for the salad
  • Three hours before guests arrive
  • Make rice, leave covered (can serve at room temperature). When cool, place in a serving bowl and cover.
  • Make Tomato Salsa for Salmon. Place in glass serving bowl, cover with saran wrap and put in refrigerator
  • Prep salmon so it’s ready to go in oven. Cover with saran wrap and place in refrigerator
  • Place carrots and celery on serving plate; place pita chips in a basket
  • Take out Cilantro Pea hummus and bring to room temperature
  • Toss arugula and green beans in salad bowl, cover and leave at room temperature
  • Wash and put away all dishes

30 minutes before serving

  • Prepare salad with arugula, green beans, half of eggs (if using)
  • Preheat oven, bake salmon. When done, remove from oven, rest 5 minutes, then place on serving platter. Spread Tomato Olive Salsa over the top putting remaining Tomato Olive Salsa in a small glass bowl for people to add as they wish
  • Toss salad with salad dressing, sprinkle remaining egg on top

For eight people


2 1/2 pound salmon fillet

4 eggs

Frozen peas


Red onion






1 1/2 pound green beans

6 ounces arugula

1 pint raspberries


15-ounce can garbanzo beans

Pita chips

Small jar pitted Kalamata olives

Capers (optional)