4 Nutrient Dense Potato Salads

Sweet potato. Red potato. Purple potato. Regular potato.

Because potato salad is such a popular summertime side dish and because summer in Texas is especially long, I’m happy to say I’ve found a way to respond to potato salad requests AND meet my delicious nutritious parameters:

  • More antioxidants and phytochemicals for a stronger immune system
  • More texture and more flavor. Contrast sweet potato and poblano pepper. Or purple potato and sugar snap peas. Sweet potato, red potato with crispy bacon and mighty kale
  • Pretty food that revs up the taste buds

More color means more antioxidants and phytochemicals (natural plant compounds. They’re not just prettier, they really are healthier. Some studies showed that the antioxidant content of purple potatoes helps lower blood pressure levels.

Did you know there are thousands of potato varieties? Potatoes were cultivated in the Andes about 6,000 years ago. I’m always astonished at the incredible shapes and varieties of potatoes at the peasants market in Cochabamba. The Spanish Conquistadores took potatoes back to Europe in 1563. Today potatoes are the third most important food crop in the world after rice and wheat. Potatoes are grown in 100 countries and eaten by more than a billion people.

Of the more available potatoes in the US, the best potato varieties for potato salad are red potatoes and Yukon Gold because of their high moisture content. Sweet potatoes are exceptionally nutrient dense.

Potato salad most likely developed in Germany. It’s generally served warm and incorporates vinegar or olive oil and herbs. My favorite version includes bacon. European settlers brought potato salad to the US; by the 19th  Americans created a potato-salad variation with mayonnaise.

Do you have a favorite recipe for potato salad?

Here are some of my favorites

Sweet Potato and Poblano Pepper Salad

Sweet Potato and Russet Potato Salad with Greens and Bacon

Purple Potato Sugar Snap Pea and Mint Salad – Epicurious

As always, I mix and match with whatever is seasonal

  • swap snap peas with asparagus or green beans
  • dill or basil instead of mint
  • add green onion or a red onion

German Potato Salad – Epicurious . I add celery and bacon

For More Empowerment

Cooks Country: Potato Salad 101

Dr Axe: Sweet Potato Facts and Nutrition

Dr Axe: Antioxidant-Loaded Purple Potatoes


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