The wild mushroom soup, the contrast and color of pistachio on salmon, the jewel rubies of pomegranate with wild rice make this an elegant dinner.

The first bite of a Christmas Lane Cake slice is a delightful surprise with its bourbon-soaked cherries and apricots, coconut and walnuts. It is more time-consuming than I usually choose but is over-the-moon delicious and worth the effort.


Eggplant Red Bell Pepper Dip with Almonds

with pita wedges, fresh feta and olives


Wild Mushrooms Soup with Thyme

Pistachio Crusted Salmon from Sweet and Savory Pursuits

(Double the recipe)

Holiday Wild Rice with Pomegranate

Skip the pine nuts given the pistachios on the salmon

Arugula Green Bean Salad

(Double the recipe. Skipped the eggs, used green onion instead of shallot and a fresh lime vinaigrette)


Christmas Lane Cake

(Reduce sugar by half in batter, in filling and in frosting)

Three Day sBefore

Bake cake

Roast red bell peppers and eggplant

Peel pomegranate

Toast pine nuts

Two Days Before

Make roasted red bell pepper eggplant dip

Make cake filling, fill the cake

Chop pistachios for salmon

Prep mushrooms (wash, trim and slice)

Day Before

Make frosting and frost cake

Make mushroom soup

Steam green beans

Make salad dressing

Slice green onion for salad

Slice pita into wedges, store in closed container

Cut up feta cheese bite-size

Day of

Place feta and olives on serving plates, cover and refrigerate

Place Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Eggplant Dip on serving plate and bring to room temperature

Cook wild rice

Prep salmon with pistachios

Toss arugula, green beans and green onion

Print shopping list