Southwest Hummus

Beans are so important to our health that we should  Eat More Beans. Hummus/bean dips are a delicious way to do this. I use them instead of mayo as a sandwich spread, or in wraps with leftover grains and spinach (or other greens).

Roasted bell peppers make this one of my favorite bean spreads. Garbanzo and tahini are staples in our house. When bell peppers are not in season, I use store-bought roasted red peppers (read ingredient label to ensure there’s no sugar or unnecessary addivites).

This a quick appetizer to put together for impromput dinner with friends, or to take as a contribution for dinner at someone else’s home.

Garbanzo beans have been used to treat blood pressure for thousands of years and can lower cholesterol levels. So let’s have Hummus for a Healthy Heart