Quinoa Nut Pilaf

• Use any nut instead of pecans – walnuts, almonds, pistachio
• Use different herbs instead of cilantro – parsley, mint, basil
• Add 1/4 cup of thinly sliced green onions or finely chopped red onion
• Add a 1/2 cup of frozen (or fresh) peas, or corn,or edamame or broccoli

Cumin Quinoa and Garbanzo

I like the combination of rice and quinoa, and this dish can be more interesting using wild rice or red quinoa if it is available. But for quicker cooking on a busy night, you can use a single grain (either brown rice or quinoa). You can also make this with another grain such as barley (but increase the water to 3 cups for 1 cup of barley)

Mushroom Barley Risotto

[su_expanding_quote alignment=”right” source_author=”Joel Fuhrman, M.D.” source_title=”Super Immunity” affiliate_link=” come” full_quote=”Consuming mushrooms regularly has been associated with decreased risk of breast, stomach and colorectal cancers…mushrooms stimulate the immune system, prevent DNA damage, slow cancer cell growth.” short_quote=”Consuming mushrooms regularly has been associated with decreased risk of cancers”]

Mushrooms evoke an almost-forgotten childhood memory of tromping through a forest in Austria with my grandfather, breathing in the aroma of wet earth. He had an amazing knowledge, honed through severe hunger having lived through World Wars I and II, not only of mushrooms, but all edible forest plants. Taking those mushrooms into the kitchen to sauté with a little bit of butter made for heavenly bites that I can still savor.