Halloween Witches Dinner

The “witches” twice-baked potatoes give this fall dinner a Halloween twist. Served with Roasted Pork Tenderloin, a delicious colorful medley of roasted vegetables and a spinach, pear and pumpkin seed salad, it’s one of my favorite fall menus. The kids make their own chocolate “spider” or “bat” cookies for dessert.

Halloween Pizza Party

Homemade pizza dough is simple and fun to make, the kids love to roll and mush the dough. For sanity’s sake, the dough can be made and rolled out ahead of time.
Here’s some Halloween fun with a “ghost” cheese pizza and a “pumpkin” pepperoni pizza. Round out the fun with Pumpkin Hummus and veggies sticks to start, and whole-wheat sugar “pumpkins” planted in Oreo “dirt”.