One-Pan Pesto Crusted Fish with Asparagus and New Potatoes

Pretty colors, wonderful flavor and texture, AND nutrient-rich. This recipe also reduces the number of prepping bowls, pots and pans in preparing dinner, truly a one-dish meal. Well, I serve it with a salad so I guess it is a two dish meal. It can be a simple romaine and pea salad with CMF Basic Salad Dressing

Other salad options could be  Spinach and Orange Salad with Black Olives

or Kale, Apple and Cranberry Salad with Pumpkin Seeds 

To jump start another meal, I’ll add another 1/2 lb of fish. The leftovers (fish, asparagus and potatoes) can be tossed into a green salad and/or quinoa. Or made into a wrap with a hummus/bean spread of mashed avocado.


  • Pesto happens a lot in my kitchen pending what fresh herbs are growing: cilantro, arugula, mint, kale or a mix of herbs: parsley/basil/mint; cilantro/cilantro etc. I experiment with whatever I have on hand. It’s a great way to use up herbs that are at risk of going bad
  • Instead of asparagus, use green beans or broccoli (cut broccoli into 1-inch segments)
  • I’ve used a variety of potatoes: red-skinned, fingerling, Yukon, even sweet potatoes. I cut them into 2-inch chunks, leaving the skin on if they’re organic. If not organic, I peel the potatoes.
  • Instead pesto on the fish, I thin the pesto with add 1 – 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon, or even water and mix into the vegetables. In that case, I brush the fish with olive oil and place lemon slices on it