Orange Marmalade Cookies

In our garden in Cochabamba is a magical orange tree. Magical because of the astonishing amount of fruit it produces, magical because of the intense vivid flavor of not only the juice but also the peel. These oranges make the most amazing orange marmalade, I can taste the sunshine in every bite.

When I bring back a jar of that marvelous homegrown, home-made orange marmalade to Houston, it is too precious to use in these cookies. But the cookies are also so delicious that I use store bought orange marmalade to make them. When our Cochabamba marmalade is gone, these cookies are a flavor from home.


  • For an extra-special treat, I dip the cookies (baked and cooled) in chocolate. I melt about 4 ounces semi-sweet chocolate with 1 tablespoons of butter or cream. Place the cookies on a silpat or well-buttered cookie sheet until the chocolate hardens.
  • Or add chocolate chunks into the batter