Roasted Salmon with Tomato Olive Salsa

Something magical happens with this combination of tomato, black olives and basil. The flavors fuse with such harmony it makes every bite a feast for the tastebuds.

For a long time I didn’t bother seeding the tomatoes, but the salsa was so runny I finally did and discovered it is really worth it. Simply scoop seeds out with a spoon (I mix the seeds into salad dressing to put them to good use). Removing the seeds makes the salsa more chunky and prevents it from becoming too runny.

The basil is heavenly in this dish, but the salsa is also quite tasty with parsley or cilantro which what I usually have.

I like to serve this with CMF Rice or CMF Quinua usually adding toasted, chopped walnuts for crunch and that extra nutrient boost. Add an arugula (or mixed green salad) tossed with peas or with blueberries, a couple of sliced green onions with CMF Basic Salad Dressing and dinner is complete.

Make this menu for dinner guests, adding an appetizer and dessert, both of which can be made the day before:

Get an extra meal out of it, lunch or another dinner later in the week:

  • Chop up the salmon and toss with leftover tomato olive salsa, arugula and leftover rice for a one-dish salad lunch (or dinner)
  • Spread plain Greek yogurt on a wrap, place salmon, tomato olive salsa and greens and roll it up. Add leftover grains or white beans to make it a more robust meal.