Pumpkin Apple Muffins

Every bite of these muffins tastes like fall, evoking cooler weather and a kaleidoscope of orange, gold, rusts and red color in the trees.

The flavor and texture is so lovely and the nutrition of pumpkin, apple, nuts and seeds motivate me to make them at other times of the year as well.

[su_expanding_quote_book source_author=”Steven Pratt, M.D., and Kathy Matthews” source_title=”SuperFoods Rx: Fourteen Foods that Will Change Your Life” affiliate_link=”” full_quote=”Pumpkin packs an abundance of disease-fighting nutrients, including potassium, magnesium and vitamin C and E. The key nutrient that boosts pumpkin to the top of the Superfoods Rx list is the synergistic combination of cartenoids. Pumpkin contains one of the richest supplies of bioavailable cartenoid known to man. Cartenoids are deep orange, yellow or red colored compounds that help protect us from free radicals, modulate our immune response, enhance cell-to-cell communication, and decrease the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Cartenoid-rich foods have been shown to reduce the risk of various cancers, lower and rates of heart disease.” short_quote=”Pumpkin packs an abundance of disease-fighting nutrients, including potassium, magnesium and vitamin C and E”]

CMF Quinoa

Growing up in Bolivia, quinoa was a staple. When I moved to the US to go to college, I missed it so much that every trip home, I always packed a good supply to take back. It was exciting when quinoa started showing up in US stores, and is now everywhere.

I love its unique texture and nutritional benefits.

“Quinoa is considered a complete protein, containing all essential amino acids in a nearly perfect balance. It is also a good source of fiber, and, compared to other grains, is relatively good source of iron, magnesium, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin E. It is easily digested, but it has a relatively low glycemic index value, remaining its sugars are released into the bloodstream slowly, allowing it to provide sustained energy over many hours.”
<i>The Essential Good Food Guide</I>, Margaret Wittenberg