Day Before

  • Make the Greek Shrimp and Orzo Salad
  • Cook the quinoa
  • Cook the lentils
  • Cut up the watermelon
  • Make the Mango Yogurt Mousse
  • Make the salad dressing for both the Spinach and the Arugula salad

Day Of

  • Toss all the ingredients for the Spinach, Quinoa, Lentil Salad except for the salad dressing
  • Toss together the watermelon arugula salad except the dressing
  • Slice the bread, prep the cheese and bread board
  • Just before serving, put the salad dressing on the salads



Green onion, 1 -2 bunches

Red onion

Lemon, 4 – 6


Lemon 3

Cucumbers, 2

Cherry tomatoes 8 – 12 oz





Shrimp, 2 – 3 pounds

Feta cheese, 8 – 10 oz

Plain Greek yogurt

Heavy cream, 1 cup

Mango, 4 large of 6 medium

Manchego cheese, or other cheese

Kalamata olives

Crusty bread


1 pound whole-wheat orzo

Quinoa, 1 cup

Lentil, 8 oz

Sun-dried tomatoes, in olive oil

Pumpkin seeds