Week of Healthy Breakfast for December

December is here, bringing in the most overindulgent, sugar-laden season of the year with overwhelming food temptations at every turn. How to manage healthy eating?

For me it starts by doubling down on my breakfast plan, starting the day with a full tummy reduces the chances of eating willy nilly all the holidays treats that may come my way throughout the morning.

Here’s my plan for the first week. Does it sound like something you can do?

Used the weekend to make

  1. Double batch of almond joy granola from Minimalist Baker; without the chocolate and I skipped the added sugar
  2. Batch of  blender muffins, I used the basic recipe and added cranberries
  3. Double batch of Healthy Quinoa Porridge   — if short on time Monday morning, make it the night before. To warm up, put in sauce pan and add milk until it has the desired consistency


  • Tangerine cuties
  • Warm up half of the Healthy Quinoa Porridge — mix in pureed pumpkin and chopped pecans



  • Warm up remaining Healthy Quinoa Porridge, add sliced bananas and cranberry orange sauce


  • Granola with almond milk, topped with chopped fresh pear


  • Sweet Pear Smoothie from Simple Green Smoothies
  • Avocado toast: Mash an avocado, spread onto toast, sprinkle sunflower or pumpkin seeds on top


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