Originally posted February 2017

This family-friendly menu celebrates Valentine’s with scrumptious food loaded with 10 different fruits and vegetables. ?

Enjoy the Chocolate Cherry Smoothie while the Egg Bake finishes baking and the pancakes are a-making.

A picture of ice water with a handful of frozen strawberries, a French press of freshly ground coffee and voila, a Valentine Sunday Brunch to be enjoyed by all.


Night Before

Chop green onion, red bell pepper and sun-dried tomatoes, place in baking dish. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate.

Peel, dice and steam beets until soft when pierced with fork. Cool. Puree in processor. Place in covered container in refrigerator

Wash and chop strawberries for yogurt parfait. Layer strawberries and yogurt in clear cups; reserve sliced strawberries for decoration.

If making fruit wands, wash grapes and dry on a clean dishtowel. Place on bamboo skewers. Peel and slice watermelon. Use heart-shape cookie cutter to punch out shapes and put at top of skewer.

Set table

Morning of

Whisk eggs and finish prepping Egg Bake.

Make beet pancakes. Wrap in clean dishtowel to stay warm.

Make smoothies to serve when guests arrive.



Green onion

Spinach (5 oz)

Red bell pepper

Red beets (3 medium)


Purple grapes

Small watermelon

Bananas (2)


Greek yogurt

Eggs (11)

Parmesan cheese (optional)

Almond milk

Frozen cherries


Maple syrup

Bamboo skewers

Sun-dried tomatoes