Generous golden sunshine
pouring down from an azure blue sky
A glorious summer day
this Christmas Eve in our Cochabamba valley
embraced by Andes mountains
in the heart of Bolivia
Perched on a kitchen stool
my mama is rolling out gingerbread dough,
Shaping rabbits and deer and stars,
Hansel and Gretel, the witch, and her house
Fragrant aromas of gingerbread trees baking,
a whole forest in the making
Fragments of happy childhood memories,
an ember of love that glows anew
every December
Looking back now, my heart wonders
how much she must have been dreaming
of a white Christmas in Salzburg
Working her own Austrian baking magic
dozens and dozens of indescribably
delicious cookies in the making,
each lovingly shaped
into bite-size tastebud heaven
Suddenly stolen from us
in a car accident,
on a November morning
she’s been gone now
for more than thirty years
a love so great, I miss her still
Yet every Advent when
spices and honey and eggs
roll out into Hansel and Gretel,
a witch and her house,
the forest, the animals and stars
She is here, a love so true
that the gingerbread making,
baking and decorating
connects us again and through me
my mama and my daughter
Love fills my heart and overflows
Sharing our gingerbread magic
to wish you and yours
Love and Light this holiday season

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