When I left Cochabamba to go to Texas A&M University, I had lots of experience with desserts and pastries but no practical cooking knowledge. With hugs and reassurances, my mother sent me off with The Good Housekeeping Cookbook. It became a constant companion; I used it not just for the recipes, but to learn about the different cuts of pork and beef, how to entertain, and many other lessons around food.

Given my mother’s kitchen abilities and example—Austrian Sacher torte to Indian curry, melt-in-your-mouth Christmas cookies and beef bourguignon—it was natural that as my cooking skills increased, so did my interest in food.

I went on to read Gourmet magazine cover to cover for years, and somewhere along the way I discovered Dr. Andrew Weil who not only talked about food, but food and health sending me onto a new track in my reading habit.

It’s truly exciting to see how much wonderful, empowering reading material there is today on the subject of food and health—in books and also online. Here are some books that have most impacted the way I cook, eat and feed those around me, proving over and over again that food is a path to health, and that nutritious food can be delicious food.

14 SuperFoods that can add years to your life

SuperFoods Rx: Fourteen Foods that will Change Your Life

by Steven Pratt

By eating the fourteen SuperFoods highlighted in Dr. Steven Pratt's instant bestseller, you can actually stop the incremental deteriorations that lead to common ailments and diseases.

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The Essential Good Food Guide book cover

A reference book I turn to time and again

The Essential Good Food Guide

by Margaret M. Wittenberg

An inspiring and indispensable one-stop resource, The Essential Good Food Guide is your key to understanding how to buy, store, and enjoy whole foods.

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