Sunday Breakfast with Veggie-Loaded Egg Bake

Starting with the pineapple smoothie that floods tastebuds and cells with goodness, this breakfast is so delicious to eat, with the added benefit that it is loaded with the power of plant foods and protein. A delicious, nutritious home run.

Farewell to Summer Luncheon

Inspired by Mediterranean flavorprints, this menu offers delightful food for omnivores, vegetarians and those who are gluten-free. The dill and lemon give the orzo a zesty fresh taste, quinoa gives the tabbouleh a fun twist and the watermelon salad is one of my absolute summertime favorites. Top it off with luscious mango mousse for dessert.

A Light Summer Eve Dinner

Summer heat calls for lighter meals. This impromptu dinner comes together easily. Serve the Plum Crisp (with or without berries) either warm-from-the-oven with ice cream or room temperature with vanilla Greek yogurt. I make extra to use leftovers for fish tacos, and a third meal tossing lentils with greens, sun-dried tomatoes and feta or pumpkin seeds.